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Katherine “Mystik” Gunn, also known as Kat, was born in the quaint town of Van Nuys, California, on April 20th, 1988. Born as the youngest of three, Kat spent her younger years playing catch up to her brother, Peter, and sister, Samantha, which would later turn into fervent competition for whom had to do chores. This is suspected to be a plot masterminded by her gamer dad, Wolf, although there is no concrete evidence of this.

Her father owning a comic and card store exposed Kat to a lot of pop culture and allowed her to explore playing video games and card games. With the advent of online play in 2002 with Xbox Live, Kat took off on her own to find she was comparable with the best players out there. This would spark an interest in professional competition that would influence her greatly going forward.


Kat would travel to local tournaments for Halo and Street Fighter and collectible card games including Magic the Gathering and Lord of the Rings. Chaperoned by her father Wolf, Kat would place highly among all competitors. Her presence and performance at events would foster friendships and catch the eye of esports producers behind the scenes. Kat was brought in to consult for future television projects for video game based shows.

An invitation to the Championship Gaming Series (CGS) combine garnered Kat a spot on the Carolina Core as the female Dead or Alive player, after being drafted at the Playboy mansion. The CGS played on DirecTV for two seasons. During which time Kat continued consulting behind the scenes.

This led to Kat, with her family, being brought in to audition the potential contestants for the first season of SyFy's WCG Ultimate Gamer. Upon the conclusion of the CGS, Kat was asked to try out for the second season of Ultimate Gamer due to her performance being so superior to the previous seasons’ contestants. Kat would go on to dominate and win the second season of WCG Ultimate Gamer despite the other contestants being fully aware she was the biggest threat and desperately trying to eliminate her. She won decisively over some of the best video gamers in the world.

The win on WCG Ultimate Gamer and the two seasons on CGS caught the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records, leading them to declare her the highest paid female pro video gamer for their Guinness World Records 2016 Gamer's Edition.


Kat's love for girly dressing in combination with her love of anime inspired her to get involved with cosplay. Kat created the professional gaming and cosplay team, Less Than 3 (LT3). The team was sponsored by Mad Catz and featured notable cosplayers. The team also attended Anime Expo, PAX Prime, and many other events as many different characters for Sentai Filmworks. The team has since gone their separate ways to pursue the members’ individual interests.


Kat most recently has finished up a two-year stint with the pro esports Team Envy, were she was the video content manager. Based out of Charlotte, NC, then moving to Dallas, TX, with the advent of their Overwatch League team, Kat developed, wrote, and hosted on-camera the very popular BluePrint weekly webisode series on the team’s activities.

Her desire to be closer to family drove her to retire from the team and head back to California to pursue other avenues of interest.

Kat also maintains a close relationship, from her CGS days, with Dignitas when she was a part of their stream team.


Kat now streams full time on Twitch.tv, which allows her to maintain a connection to her loyal fan base where she fosters an environment of healthy eating, positive thinking, and her philosophy of fair play.

Kat continues to work behind the scenes to better, innovate, and pursue her passions in all aspects of the video game, anime, and pop culture space.









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